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Gabriella Asztalos


Creativity without boundaries.

Gabriella Asztalos was born in Budapest, grew up and studied in several countries across Western Europe. Before her design studies, Gabriella was a professional classical ballet dancer. This experience gave her the advantage of knowing exactly how to express emotions, feelings or state of mind through body forms, shapes and movements.
Her first, multi-award winning design, the “Hug Chair” also emerged from an expressive human movement – the “Hug”. With this design Gabriella won the ICFF New York Design Award and the IFFS International Singapore Furniture Design Award. These events brought great interest in her next designs and also further awards for her following works.
Gabriella founded her design studio in 2010, which is based in Barcelona with global exposure and costumers worldwide.


Sophistication, elegance, luxury.

In 2014 she has been pointed out for her exclusive, sophisticated style and her understanding of luxury, by the world leader, high-end lifestyle company, the Luxury Living Group (their portfolio contains the world’s most admired luxury brands as Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Ritz Paris, Trussardi Casa…among others.)
Gabriella originally been invited to the group, to become one of their young, upcoming, talented designers, but in a very short time, thanks to her innate perception of style and her inborn sense of luxury, she been appointed as creative director.


Award winning designs.

Today Gabriella, apart still providing creative direction to high-end exclusive brands, she has created her own design collection that’s currently sells in 38 countries and being exhibited at the most important international design fairs.

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Passion – Compassion

Gabriella is a devoted animal supporter.

She believes in local solution for global problems. Therefore apart rescuing animals everywhere life & work takes her, she also supports the local animal rights association where her hidden farm, her island of creation is located at.